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Meet Sara

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Hi! I'm Sara Golish, and I'm thrilled to introduce myself as the driving force behind Studio Azarya, a vibrant new interior design venture. 


My artistic journey, spanning over 25 years, has been deeply rooted in the arts as a fine artist and business owner. My repertoire encompasses painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture (including woodworking, clay and bronze casting), graphic design, photography, and photo editing. I've excelled as a lead artist in decorative painting - bas relief, gilding and faux finishes, murals, and furniture customization, contributing to high-end projects for esteemed names like Yabu Pushelberg, Gluckstein Design and Studio Munge. Additionally, I mastered crafting mosaics at a tile company and painted intricate glazes on ceramic tiles at a ceramic studio.


This extensive array of artistic endeavours has honed my aesthetic vision and deeply influenced my passion for transforming living spaces into reflections of individual personalities and lifestyles. With Studio Azarya, I am excited to channel this wealth of experience into creating spaces that resonate with beauty, functionality, and personal expression.


Your home should be a true reflection of you—a space imbued with character and cherished memories that align with your lifestyle and cultural identity. At Studio Azarya, we cater to established professionals, business owners, and creatives, understanding the unique blend of style, innovation, and individuality you desire. Specializing in high-quality art and decor curation, rooted in a profound passion and expertise in the arts, we're committed to infusing your home with a distinctive, personal, and artistic ambiance. You can trust us to craft a space that transcends fleeting trends, becoming a constant source of daily inspiration and joy whenever you enter your home. Let's collaborate to create something uniquely you.

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